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Of course, there's lots more to MONEY SECRETS than just Money Makers and Money Savers.  Interactively explore our Millionaire Makers and Super Savers on your MONEY SECRETS Home Page.  Log in daily, and check out our Money Wisdom quote and Financial Tip of the Day.  I've even thrown in daily inspirational quotes for success, wealth, peace of mind, and more to make you think and put things in perspective.1   

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MONEY SECRETS is loaded with graphics and insightful features to make it fun and exciting as well as informative.  MONEY SECRETS is an experience ... it's an experience way beyond  "reading a book"!  Be sure to check out our daily quotes, financial tips, and Money Wisdom features.

More ways you will profit with MONEY SECRETS ...

6 reasons why you should NEVER lease a car or truck! 
(see auto/buy saver #4)
How to Get $200 Worth of Groceries for $19.95!  You pick the groceries and the stores. How to get 18.81% returns on your money … automatically!
Get Paid to Help Your Friends Save Money Discover why you should NOT use your frequent flyer points for free travel. (travel saver #13)
Locate lost money in any state and with the IRS for Free.  (more_money #1)
How a credit card charging 19% interest annually can actually cost you 16.58% interest Per Month
(finance/debt saver #10)
How to give your child a whole lot more than $10,000 per year, get a tax deduction for it, keep your money, double your returns on the money, and your child gets $13,790 of new money and an improved lifestyle! This one is a seriously good deal … and it’s 100% legal!  
(finance/investment saver #8)
How to search for free through 600,000 sources of college scholarships and find scholarships for which you or your child is eligible in less than 5 minutes.  Also, how to find federal grants and college assistance programs in your state for free. (college saver #15)

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If you really want to create new streams of income, I have included four business opportunities as well.  Each of these opportunities can make you big money with much less time and effort than your current job, and three of them you can start immediately without investing any money ... ever!  Who needs a pension when you can stop working and continue getting the same income?

If 4 business opportunities is not enough, ... How about 2,500?  

You can even make money with the MONEY SECRETS program itself.  You've got to see this to believe it! As an extra bonus, I've also thrown in a list of more than 2,500 business ideas you can use to start your own business.  In fact, MONEY SECRETS even includes a couple of self-analysis programs you can use to help you determine which type of home business is best for you.  MONEY SECRETS also includes a list of 38 places you can advertise for Free on the Internet, but we'll do even better than that.  

6 Work-At-Home Opportunities

Don't want to start your own business, but you wouldn't mind doing something fun and easy at home to make extra money?  No problem!  I've included details on six "work-at-home" programs where you get paid for each project you complete following the detailed instructions provided by your customer.  Even though you will be an independent contractor instead of an employee, it will be just like a second job at home doing fun stuff.  For each item you complete, you will get paid a fixed amount.  You don't have to advertise, find customers, sell anything, or hire employees;  just do the work and cash the checks.  Some of these things you can even do while you watch TV.

Travel anywhere in the world for FREE &
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Of course, saving money and making money is not enough.  You need to know what to do with all your extra money.  I know, ... you already know how to "spend" money, but we'll show you how ... and when ... to spend so you get more for less money.  You'll get lower prices and higher quality.  We'll show you how to cut costs dramatically on travel .. even travel free!  We'll even show you how to GET PAID TO SPEND MONEY!  Save big money on furniture, computers, home electronics, business services, free fax, free voicemail, free websites, free Internet access, free software, beds and bedding, china and flatware, hardware, carpeting, and on and on.  You name it, we'll show you where and how to get it for 30% to 90% below retail ... and we won't ask you to join any buying clubs to get these savings either.  All we do is show you How and Where to get everything you need or want for less!

Revolutionary investment techniques written so 
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But there's more to using money than just spending it.  You need to invest as well.  Invest for long-term security and stability;  make sure you never run out of money again.  Do you want to retire from work so you can go work another job?  If this has already happened to you, get MONEY SECRETS now and start working your way out of the world of "Have To".  If you're not in that situation yet, then get MONEY SECRETS now so it doesn't happen to you.  Retire and play, or retire and go work on something you've always wanted to try;  but don't retire and go to work somewhere else because you have to.

The Best Mutual Fund You Can Buy ... Bar None!

Because investing is a major factor in your future, whether you're a professional investor or a novice, MONEY SECRETS has a bunch of techniques to save you thousands of dollars in investments.  Discover the best ways to invest for retirement.  I've even included a special FREE Report on The Best Mutual Fund You Can Buy ... Bar None!  This mutual fund uses investment techniques that have outperformed the S&P500 index for over 45 years!  

Build lifetime streams of income ... automatically!

But if you're a novice, don't worry ... as a special bonus, MONEY SECRETS includes a Free copy of my first two books on personal finance and investing.  The first book is our bestseller, FINANCIAL FREEDOM: A Wealth Manual For the Middle Class.  The second book included free is GROWTH & INCOME:  How to Build a Mutual Fund Money Machine.  We'll tell you more about these exciting publications later, but for now you should know these books present all the basics you need as well as some revolutionary techniques that multiply the returns you'll get from your mutual funds regardless of which mutual funds you choose.  You'll even discover how to automatically turn your mutual funds into lifetime streams of income that grow every month all with less risk than anything you're doing now.

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Still more ways you will profit with MONEY SECRETS ...

How to Retire in 5 Years … or Less! How to get bulk rate prices when you only buy one item. (see shopping savers #4) How to get your entire tax refund plus 35% more! (See finance/taxes saver #9)
6 ways to avoid catching colds or flu. (see healthcare saver #15) 12 simple steps to sell your home faster for a higher price. (see home/real estate saver #2) How to get $1 Million of liability insurance for almost FREE (see insurance/general saver #14)
How you can reduce your heating and cooling bills by $243 every year (see cooling #1 & heating #7) Get TEN TIMES as much life insurance coverage for HALF what you are paying now. (see insurance/life saver #3). How borrowing from your 401(k) retirement plan can be a great idea … or completely devastating … and it’s NOT because you pay taxes  twice! (see finance/debt saver #20)

So, what would these secrets be worth to you?

If we could save you $111,280 over the next 10 years, make you debt-free in 5 years, and build your annual savings into $2.477Million over the next twenty years ...

If we can show you how to make an extra $3,108 per year in new income within 30 days ...

If we give you four business opportunities three of which offer the potential to earn you more than your current job in a fraction of the time ...

What would this service be worth to you?  $10,000?  $20,000?  $50,000?  $100,000!

Certainly, it's worth much more than that to you once you have proven this all works for you!  But it would be ridiculous for us to even think about asking that kind of money.  No, you'll discover our money secrets for Much, Much Less.  Less than $1,000 ... less than $500 ... even less than $200!

Look at what you'll get with your MONEY SECRETS program:

For one low price, you get all this!



Home Study Course <$199.95 value>




  • GROWTH & INCOME Software <$15 value>


  • 4 Business Opportunities <$99 value>
  • Over 2,500 Business Ideas <$49 value>
  • Details for 6 Work-At-Home programs where you get paid to work at home <$15 value>


  1. How to Open an IRA for Your 5-Year Old Without Paying Social Security Taxes or Getting Them a Job! <$9.95 value>  

  2. Incredible New Home Business Opportunity Created by the Tax Payer's Relief Act of 1997 <$7.95 value>

  3. How to Get Higher Returns From Your Dollar Cost Averaged Accounts <$9.95 value>

  4. 11 Ways to Travel Free Nearly Anywhere You Want to Go <$9 value>  

  5. How You Can Be Debt-Free in 5 Years <$9 value>  

  6. How To Promote Your Garage Sales For Higher Profit! <$9 value>  

  7. How To Make $5,000 A Month Or More With Garage Sales <$9 value>  

  8. How to Save a Fortune With Coupons & How to Get All The Coupons You Want <$9 value>  

  9. Insiders’ Secrets to Your Own Million Dollar Multi-Level Empire <$9 value>  

  10. Secrets of Chain and Multi-Level Letters <$9 value>  

  11. How To Get Free Subscriptions To Over 60 Magazines <$9 value>  

  12. How To Get Paid to Drive Your Car, Van, Or Pickup Truck ... Including One Way to Get a FREE CAR!!  <$9 value>  

  13. How To Raise Money To Start Your Own Business <$9 value>  

  14. The Lazy Person’s Secret To Overnight Wealth <$9 value>  

  15. Where & How to Place Low-Cost Classified Ads ... That Pull Like Crazy <$9 value>  

  16. How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Lottery by 500%! <$9 value>  

  17. Camera Profits: Using Your Camera For Extra Money <$9 value>  

  18. How To Start Your Own Successful Business Consulting <$9 value>   

  19. Legalities & Tax Advantages In A Home Business <$9 value>  

  20. How And Where To Get Money For A Franchise Idea <$9 value>  

  21. Secrets To Successfully Starting Your Own Business <$9 value>  

  22. How To Set Up A Tax-Saving Bookkeeping System <$9 value>  

  23. 10 Things You Can Do To Cut Your Home Cleaning Time In Half! <$9 value>  

  24. The Best Mutual Fund You Can Buy … Bar None! <$9 value>  

  25. The Five Points Of Wealth: How To Transition From Financial Ruin To Financial Freedom! <$9 value>  

  26. The Lifelong Benefits Of Vitamins And Minerals <$9 value>  

  27. 38 Places Where You Can Advertise Your Product or Service on the Internet at Zero Cost! <$9 value>  

  28. How You Can Be Financially Free in 5 Years … Or Less! <$9 value>  

  29. When to Shop to Get the Best Prices on Most Everything You Want to Buy <$9 value>  

  30. How You Can Get the Best Prices on Everything You Buy <$9 value>  

  31. How to Turn Your Ideas Into Treasure ... Without Spending a Fortune! <$9 value>  

  32. The Best Way to Select the Right Mutual Funds For You. <$9.95 value>


  • Free Real Estate Inspection Checklist <$6 value>
  • G&I Investment Worksheets <$6 value>

Total Value = $858.60

Even if you paid the full value of $858.60, this would still only be a fraction of the money you are going to save and the money you are going to make because of the incredible information you will find in your copy of MONEY SECRETS!

Don't forget, we GUARANTEE You Will Save at least Twice What You Pay for your MONEY SECRETS program within the next 60 days!   

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The retail price of MONEY SECRETS is $199.95, but if you order today, you can even get MONEY SECRETS for a fraction of that price ...   

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Consider what every dollar you save is really worth.  Ben Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned."  What he meant was if you saved a penny, that's a penny you could invest to earn yet another penny.  Obviously, a penny was worth a lot more back in 1776, but today he might say instead, "A dollar saved is a dollar earned." ... Or would he?

In 1776 (and for the first 100 years of America's history), there were no income taxes in America.  Today, Ben Franklin's quote should be, "A dollar saved is TWO dollars earned."  Not because you can invest a dollar and earn two ... which we will show you how to do in the MONEY SECRETS program.  No, a dollar saved is Two dollars earned because for every dollar you spend, you have to earn two dollars due to taxes.  Think about it ... for every dollar you earn, on average you pay ...

Federal Taxes 28 cents
State Taxes 7 cents
Sales Taxes 5 cents
Social Security Taxes 8 cents
Miscellaneous Taxes1 2 cents (or more)
TOTAL TAXES 50 cents

1Miscellaneous taxes include gasoline tax, property tax, alcohol tax, utilities taxes (including phone service, electric, gas heat, water, sewer, etc.) and comprise at least two cents for each dollar spent.

Thus, for every dollar you earn, 50 cents or more goes to taxes.  That's over 50% taxes on every dollar if you're only in the 28% tax bracket.  Now, you could say, "Hey, the 28% federal and 7% state income taxes are your 'marginal' tax rates;  you don't really pay that much on all your money."  And, you'd be right, but I'm sure the miscellaneous taxes are much more than 2%.  So, you only have approximately 50% of every dollar you earn to spend.  Earn $2.00 and you get to spend $1.00!  Does that make you mad? 

Raise your spendable income by 30% ... Tax Free!

But that's not why I'm pointing this out to you.  No, the reason I'm pointing this out to you is so you realize if you are earning $25,000 per year from your job, you only get to spend $12,000 to $15,000 per year at the most.  So, if MONEY SECRETS shows you how to save $5,000 in the first year ... and we guarantee you'll save at least $1,200 ... that's like getting a $10,000 raise!  Saving $5,000 per year raises your spendable income by about 30%!  Tax-Free ... I might add!  

How to make an extra $118,117 in 9 years ...

So, I ask you what's a 30% raise in spendable income worth to you?  Save $5,000 per year and invest it in The Best Mutual Fund You Can Buy ... Bar None! (one of your Free reports you get when you purchase MONEY SECRETS), and you will have $118,117 in nine years.  Hey, that's enough to pay for at least one of your kids to go to college!  By the way, we also show you how to save for your kids college tax-free ... in fact, you'll discover how you can even get tax deductions for saving for college.  Then we show you how to get free money for college (see college saver #3) and more than a dozen ways to cut your college costs.  You'll even discover how to get tax credits for college, and we'll show you where to go on the Internet to automatically conduct a free scholarship search ... there's got to be at least one you can get;  after all, this free service searches through more than 600,000 sources of scholarships!

You have Nothing to lose ... but we can do Better than that!

So, with tremendous savings opportunities, new sources of income, and four business opportunities ... all of which cost you nothing to start ... you really have nothing to lose.  But that's not good enough for us.  That's why we offer you our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee:



If you use the techniques presented in the MONEY SECRETS Home Study Course and don't save at least the price you paid within 60 days, I will give you 100% of your money back.  

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The value of MONEY SECRETS for you is impossible for me to determine.  Everyone's situation is different.  There's no way I can tell you exactly how many tens of thousands of dollars you will save by using our debt-elimination secrets, how many of our 770+ saving techniques you will be able to use in your situation and how many thousands of dollars you will save every year, how many millions of dollars you will have when you retire by investing all these saved dollars using our revolutionary investment techniques without knowing your exact financial situation.  I can promise you, however, that if you take the Ultimate Freedom Challenge and follow each step exactly as written, you WILL save well over $100,000, and you WILL make thousands of dollars of extra income per year.  

There are also some tremendous additional benefits you will receive from your free ebooks.  These are not ebooks written to give away as freebies.  Each one of these books was written as a stand-alone, sellable volume that has been sold individually. Click on each title that follows to read about each ebook.  For example, with THE CAR BOOK, you will discover how to get the best possible price within 100 miles of your home on any new car you want without haggling (you only need to talk to two dealers for ~10 minutes each).  You'll also discover three times you should NEVER test drive a car and four ways to tell if a car has ever been in an accident even if it's been repaired and repainted.  You will get our 74-point Used Car Inspection Checklist that anyone can use to inspect a car in 15-minutes, and lots of other benefits too numerous to mention here.  Of course, you will get a handful of savings tips for cars in MONEY SECRETS as well, but there is very little overlap, and you get THE CAR BOOK free with MONEY SECRETS anyway.  Click here to see the huge list of benefits you will get from THE CAR BOOK.  

The next three free ebooks you will get with your MONEY SECRETS package are books that concentrate on personal finance, debt reduction, and revolutionary new automatic investment techniques anyone can use to build long-term wealth:  FINANCIAL FREEDOM, GROWTH & INCOME, and the dissertation leading to the development of GROWTH & INCOME.


Best wishes for a prosperous future,

Dr. R. Bryan Stoker

Dr. R. Bryan Stoker
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P.S.  We know you will benefit from our MONEY SECRETS program. In fact, MONEY SECRETS includes a full Debt-Reduction program that will make you 100% Debt-Free within 5 Years!  Our Debt Calculator will automatically show you which of your debts to pay off first to get the fastest results; how fast your debts will be paid off; and how much you can expect to have in 10, 15, 20, and 30 years if you invest what you were paying toward debt (assuming 8%, 12%, and 16% returns).  

We recently saw a program that offered nothing but this same promise (without the debt calculator) for $299.97.  Sure, their program offers some audiotapes and a videotape, but is that worth an additional $100 considering everything else you get with MONEY SECRETS?  Did you know if you follow our debt-elimination program and invest what you are currently paying towards your debts, you can be 100% debt-free in 5 years AND be a multi-millionaire by the time you retire?  It's true ... and our debt-elimination software (included in MONEY SECRETS 100% FREE) will show you the absolute fastest way to eliminate your debts (without damaging your credit rating) and it will show you exactly how many much money you can expect to have in 10, 15, 20 and 30 years!  Don't fall for these ads that offer to eliminate your debt with only 5% to 10%;  the only way to do this is to cheat your creditors out of the money they loaned to you which will damage your credit rating for years.

So, MONEY SECRETS  is going to show you the fastest way to eliminate your debt possible, over 770 ways to save money, 17 ways to make extra money, 4 business opportunities which are 100% free to start, 6 work-at-home opportunities, 32 Free Reports, Free Real Estate Inspection checklists, Free investment worksheets, 4 ebooks, over 2500 business ideas, and the Ultimate Freedom Challenge, and it all comes with our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. So, what are you waiting for?  Order now!

P.P.S.  But WAIT - There's more!  If you order by Midnight , I will include four more Free reports ($36 value) and offer you our "preferred customer" price.  Check out the exciting titles you will get free if you order now:

  • LOST TREASURE:  How To Discover & Recover Money You Forgot You Had ... For FREE!

  • FREE Stuff For Your Kids:  20 Best Sources of Free Software, Music, & Homework Helpers For Kids!

  • Where You Can Get 20,000 eBooks for Free!

  • How To Turn 5 Minutes Into Swarms of Free Traffic For Your Website

So, how much is all this worth to you ... $967.50 value including the MONEY SECRETS experience itself which retails for $199.95 ... How much is it worth if you can save $1,200 within the next 12 months?  How much is it worth to be 100% debt-free in 5 years?  How much is it worth to slash nearly all your current living expenses?  If you order by Midnight, I'll give you a FULL 50% DISCOUNT off the normal retail price ... the entire MONEY SECRETS Home Study Course and all the free gifts can be yours for just $99.95!  But you must order NOW!



Order MONEY SECRETS for ONLY $99.95 by Midnight and I'll include a Very Special Bonus where you can reduce the costs of almost all your electronic services.  PLUS, I'll show you how to make them tax-deductible, AND I'll show you how to literally GET PAID for your own use on these and more electronic services:

  • Local, Long-distance, & Cell phone service

  • Cable/Satellite TV service

  • Home Security service

  • Internet Access (dial-up and high-speed)

  • Computer purchases

  • Pager service

  • Lots more ...

This special deal alone is worth your entire investment in MONEY SECRETS!  If you currently spend $100/month on your phone, Internet, and cable TV, and I show you how to deduct them on your taxes ... that fact alone will save you $420/year! That's $2,100 over the next 5 years! Now, imagine what this will do for you if I show you how to get more service for less cost AND get paid to do it!  It's yours for FREE ... All you have to do is order MONEY SECRETS by midnight!

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