Release Date: 1 February 2000
Source: Lifestyle Publishing

GROWTH & INCOME! New Book Shows How to Double Mutual Fund Returns Without Market Timing in Less Than 10 Minutes per Month

Lifestyle Publishing has published a revealing new book, GROWTH & INCOME: How to Build a Mutual Fund Money Machine, which shows you how to double or triple the returns on your mutual funds without market timing in only ten minutes per month. This easy-to-read book, based on over two years of Doctoral research, shows you how to implement several new mutual fund investment techniques which lower your market risk, provide steady growth, and create multiple streams of income to help pay for college, retirement, travel, healthcare, or whatever.

GROWTH & INCOME includes a special section on maximizing your retirement investment performance and how to structure your retirement investments to ensure you never out-live your money. GROWTH & INCOME also includes three special reports illustrating how to make your children millionaires tax-deferred, how to get higher returns from your dollar cost averaged accounts, and a new business opportunity created by the Tax Payer's Relief Act of 1997.

GROWTH & INCOME documents the results and conclusions from Dr. Stoker's research in automatic investment techniques (i.e., techniques such as the ever-popular Dollar Cost Averaging where you invest according to a formula regardless of the current state of the market). In this insightful new book, Dr. Stoker explains the theory, operation, and comparative performance of four techniques especially useful for mutual funds: Dollar Cost Averaging, Dollar Value Averaging, Asset Allocation, and Dr. Stoker's new "Hybrid" technique. Each of these three techniques has unique characteristics you must understand if you are a mutual fund investor. For example, Dr. Stoker points out that Dollar Cost Averaging is the easiest technique to implement but it is also the riskiest because you do not "buy low, sell high." However, since Dollar Value Averaging and Asset Allocation truly do implement the "buy low, sell high" concept when used properly, they produce significantly higher returns and lower risk!

Chances are you have heard of dollar cost averaging and asset allocation and you may have heard of dollar cost averaging before. However, Dr. Stoker investigates and reveals how to achieve optimal performance based on real world constraints such as initial investment amounts, tax impacts, minimum adjustment amounts, maximum number of exchanges per year, thresholding, commissions or loads, volatility, and more. Dr. Stoker then covers the last mile by consolidating all his findings into very simple step-by-step worksheets that automatically optimize your mutual fund performance. It truly takes ten minutes per month and usually less! All of Dr. Stoker's results and conclusions are fully proven empirically using real world historical markets including the Dow, silver, gold, bonds, the S&P500, and more.

GROWTH & INCOME: How to Build a Mutual Fund Money Machine, 336 pages, 6 x 9 paperback, ISBN: 0-9639863-7-6 is available through bookstores (via Baker & Taylor) or directly from Lifestyle Publishing, P.O. Box 355, Sykesville, MD 21784, Fax: 240-218-2153. Get more information and free reports, and place secure orders online via credit card at; Email:

While supplies last, you can also get a free copy of Dr. Stoker's first book, FINANCIAL FREEDOM: A Wealth Manual For the Middle Class, and the Growth & Income software directly from the publisher when you purchase a copy of GROWTH & INCOME.

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