Get Paid to Shop

Do you like to shop?  Do you like to eat out?

Then why not get paid to do what you like doing?

You can actually get PAID to shop for items you would normally buy anyway by becoming a mystery shopper.  Not only do you get paid, but you get to keep what you buy, and you get reimbursed what you paid to buy it.  Get paid to "shop" in fast food restaurants, family restaurants, movies, department stores, video rental stores, etc. There's no limit to where you may end up going. 

HOW DOES IT WORK?  The fundamental concept is a "customer" company pays to have undercover customers (that would be you) enter their store, restaurant, theater, or whatever, and purchase their products or services.  All you have to do is ... be a " normal" customer.  You will be told exactly what to buy and what to observe.  After leaving the store, restaurant, or whatever, you then complete a multiple choice report and submit it to the company.  On the next pay cycle (usually monthly), the company pays you a reimbursement for your expenses (i.e., anything you paid for the product or service) and a shopper fee.

WHY WOULD A "CUSTOMER" COMPANY DO THIS?  Companies know that their success is largely dependent on how well customers are treated and the quality of their products and services.  Thus, they need a way to evaluate the performance of their employees.  If the customer company sent their own shoppers around, which they have done in the past, the shoppers would eventually be identified and it costs them a lot of money.  For example, the customer company would have to hire someone, pay them benefits, pay for their travel expenses all over the country, etc. if they employ their own shopper.  It's much easier and cheaper for the customer company to outsource this job and then pay a small fee to the "mystery shopper" company.  The "mystery shopper" company then pays you a portion of the fee when you do a shop for them.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU?  As a minimum, you get paid a set fee for the shop.  The fee varies according to the customer company and the duration of the shop.  In most cases, you also get to keep the product or service you purchase for which you will be reimbursed.  For example, if you complete a fast food shop, you may get a $10 fee plus up to $8.50 reimbursement for ordering two meals during breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.  In this case, you get a $10 fee plus a free meal.  In other cases, you may get an $8 fee plus a free "new release" rental at your local video store.   In one case, I got a free pair of prescription eyeglasses ($125 value). 

When you do this, you are not considered an employee of the either the "customer" company or the "mystery shopper" company.  Instead, you are considered an independent contractor for the "mystery shopper" company.  Thus, when you do this, you are effectively running your own business that has guaranteed profit!  You may not get rich with this company, but you will get money; free food, products, and services; and have some fun ... not to mention you get to keep the money you would have spent on the same goods and services anyway!  Furthermore, you have your own business with no employees, no marketing expenses, no inventory, no customers per se', and no start-up or operating costs.  In other words, you own a business with nothing but pure profit and some nice side benefits too.

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