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This statement of Terms & Conditions applies to all products, courses, services, and/or website(s) offered by Lifestyle Publishing as part of or through the program called the “Traffic Wave Money Maker System” (hereinafter referred to as the “TWMMS Program”), the GDI Accelerator Program (The GAP), and the Team Lead Club (TLC). Note: “” is a trademark of the company doing business under the name of which is a 3rd-party unrelated to Lifestyle Publishing except as any other "Independent Affiliate" as described in paragraph 14 below); specific references to herein and on web pages published by the Company shall use the term, "". Third-party offerings supported, marketed, or advertised by Lifestyle Publishing (hereinafter referred to as the "Company", "Company", or "We") will have additional terms and conditions you (hereinafter referred to as "you", the "Member", the "User", the "Reader", the "Affiliate", or the "Subscriber") must accept and agree to follow if you choose to participate in those opportunities. These terms and conditions apply to all web pages published by the Company which include, but are not necessarily limited to, the web pages on the  following domains:,, and

1. ATTACHMENTS:  These Terms & Conditions shall include the following disclaimers and policies as well as the provisions published at (see footer on the website for specific links). Additional Terms and Conditions as presented at this web address ( and subsequent links contained therein shall also apply.

2. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS:  By using the products, publications, courses, services, and/or website(s) (hereinafter referred to as "products and services" or "products and/or services") or by accessing the websites, domains, sub-domains, and information contained therein (hereinafter referred to as "websites") owned, published, serviced, supported, and/or operated by the Company, you signify your consent, agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of use (including all attachments listed above and herein), and you signify your irrevocable acceptance of the Terms of Use. Your use of these websites is governed by these Terms and Conditions. By using these websites, products, and services, you accept these terms and you will comply with all applicable laws, rules, policies, and regulations. If you do not agree with these terms, you may not use this site, products and services. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at our sole discretion at any time with or without notice, and we may discontinue providing any product or service, or any part thereof, with or without notice, and your use of these websites, products, and services after any such changes are implemented constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of the changes. You agree that any termination of your access to these websites, products and/or services under any provision of the Terms and Conditions may be effected without prior notice, and acknowledge and agree that the Company may immediately deactivate any accounts created by us, or any access to our websites as applicable, and all related information and files. The Company also reserve the right to bar any further access to such websites. You agree that the Company shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the websites, products, and/or services. Paid services or accounts that are terminated will not be refunded. Any use of our websites, products and services in any way constitutes your acceptance and agreement to abide by our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion at any time and/or for any reason with or without notice. By using these websites, products and/or services, you are constituting your acceptance of any such amendments and agreements contained herein.

3. RESTRICTIONS & COPYRIGHTS:  All materials in these websites, products and services are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. Text, graphics, HTML code, and other intellectual property are protected byU.S. and International Copyright Laws, and may not be copied, reprinted, published, translated, hosted or distributed by any means without explicit permission. Exceptions and details of each exception to this copyright statement are listed explicitly on various websites of the Company. You must be at least 18 years of age to use these websites. If you are not at least 18 years of age, you may not access or use these websites including, but not limited to, the "members" sub-directory of the website

4. CONFIDENTIALITY: You agree to treat any subscriber code, username, user identification, password, or similar item(s) and any password-protected information you obtain from or from the use of these websites, products and services confidential, and you agree not to communicate, copy, or otherwise divulge or distribute said items to any other person or public posting or forum in writing, electronically, or verbally whatsoever. Your access whether granted free or for payment is non-transferable and non-assignable without written consent in advance from the Company.

5. LIABILITY:  Materials in these websites, products and services are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind either expressed or implied. The Company does not warrant that functions and/or access to these websites, products and services or special offers and opportunities will be uninterrupted, error-free, corrected, free of viruses or other harmful components.  The Company does not warrant the correctness, accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the materials contained or offered in these websites, products and services. Under no circumstances including, but not limited to, negligence shall the Company be held liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of or inability to use or access the materials in this site. The Company does not warrant, and shall not be held liable in any way, for claims, representations, omissions, examples, or misgivings of any third-party mentioned, suggested, advertised, recommended, or marketed in these websites, products, and/or services. NEITHER THE COMPANY NOR THEIR SUPPLIERS, ADVERTISERS, AFFILIATES, OR AGENTS OR SPONSORS ARE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE OR OTHER DAMAGES UNDER ANY CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY OR OTHER THEORY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING IN ANY WAY TO THE WEBSITES AND /OR CONTENT CONTAINED ON THE WEBSITES, OR ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE PURCHASED OR OTHERWISE OFFERED THROUGH THE WEBSITES. YOUR SOLE REMEDY FOR DISSATISFACTION WITH THE WEBSITES AND /OR CONTENT CONTAINED WITHIN THE WEBSITE IS TO STOP USING THE SITE. THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE MAXIMUM LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ALLDAMAGES, LOSSES, AND CAUSES OF ACTION (WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, NEGLIGENCE), OR OTHERWISE) SHALL BE THE TOTAL AMOUNT PAID BY YOU, IF ANY, TO ACCESS THE SITE.


A possibility exists that the websites could include inaccuracies or errors, or materials that violate these Terms of Use including unauthorized alterations made by third parties to the Company and/or websites. Although we attempt to ensure the integrity of the Site, we make no guarantees as to the website's completeness or correctness.

The Company shall not be held liable in any way for cancellation, termination, or forfeiture of your account whether for violation of's policies, expiration of credit card information, or any other reason; such decisions are made solely by without input from the Company.

6.  INCOME AND EMPLOYMENT:  Any and all opportunities and services offered on these websites, products, and/or services do NOT constitute an offer of employment or guarantee of income or benefits. Any business or income-sharing relationship between you and the Company shall be an independent contractor relationship. The Company will not withhold, pay, or be liable for any taxes on your behalf. Any and all statements addressing investment techniques, concepts, or results, are the opinion of the author and are not intended to be recommendations or guidance to any individual, group, or organization. Past performance does not imply future results.

7.  TERMINATION:  These Terms and Conditions are effective until terminated by either party. You may terminate from this agreement at any time by destroying all original versions and/or copies in written and/or electronic form of all materials, products, and/or services obtained from the Company, these websites, products, and/or services.

8.  REFUNDS:  Unless otherwise stated in these websites, refunds for any and all products and/or services shall conform with the payment service used to purchase the product and/or service for which you are requesting refund. If you purchase via ClickBank, your refund shall be in accordance with ClickBank's published refund policy. If you purchase via PayPal, your refund shall be in accordance with PayPal's published refund policy. If you purchase via 2CheckOut, your refund shall be in accordance with 2CheckOut's published refund policy.

9. REVISIONS:  The Company reserve the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice by publishing the revised Terms and Conditions on this website ( and those "Attachments" linked or referenced in paragraph 1). The revised Terms and Conditions shall become effective immediately upon publication. The Company also reserve the right to change all or any portion of the websites (including eliminating, discontinuing, or modifying any portion of the websites).

10.  COMMUNICATIONS:  The primary method of communication to you shall be via email. You are therefore required to provide, and are solely responsible to keep current, the email address we have on file for you. Should it become necessary for the Company to communicate with you (including but not limited to matters dealing with any payments of paid subscription services), the communications with you shall be deemed performed and delivered to you once the Company have submitted an email message to your email address on record. The Company shall not be held liable for email communications sent to your email address on record at the time of communication that were not received or read. You understand and agree that submission of email communication to your current email on record shall be considered a delivered correspondence and notification. If your email changes, you may change your email by form (if provided) or by sending an email to us at the address provided on the “Contact Us” page of this website. Your email shall not be considered properly changed until you receive a confirmation from us. If you do not receive confirmation within 72 hours, please re-submit your email change notice. IMPORTANT: Please include in the body of your email to which service(s) you have subscribed.

11. CONDUCT:  Under penalty of law, you agree not to: (1) deface, hack or crack, reverse engineer, or inhibit the use of the website(s) or any portion thereof) or any products  disseminated, sold, or otherwise distributed by the Company, (2) use the products, website(s) or any portion thereof for unlawful purposes, (3) transmit any malicious software including, but not limited to trojan horses, viruses, time bombs, or any other harmful or disruptive component, (4) express or imply that any statements you make are endorsed by us with or without our prior consent, (5) remove or alter any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices contained in the websites, (6) mirror any part of the websites without prior written consent, or (7) frame, mirror, or link to any protected portion of the websites, While using the websites, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

12. GENERAL PROVISIONS & SEVERABILITY:  The subject titles in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of any of the provisions herein. If any portion of this agreement is found invalid, unenforceable, or unlawful, that portion shall be severed and the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in force.  These Terms and Conditions including the attachments listed herein constitute the entire agreement between you and the Company and supersedes all of our prior agreements, representations, and understandings. Any waiver to any portion of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed valid only if provided and jointly agreed in writing, and waiver of any provision of any portion of these Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of any other provision. Also, a waiver of one instance shall not be deemed a continuing waiver of all other instances unless so stated and mutually agreed in writing. In the event of dispute, you and the Company agree to submit the matter to any recognized Arbitration Board within the State ofMaryland and withinCarrollCounty in the state ofMaryland if available in lieu of litigation.

13. INDEMNIFICATION: You agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Company, our officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, costs (including any and all attorneys' fees), or other expenses that arise directly or indirectly out of or from (a) your breach of this Agreement, including any violation of the Code of Conduct above; (b) any allegation that any materials that you submit to us or transmit to the websites infringe or otherwise violate the copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property or other rights of any third party; and/or (c) your activities in connection with the websites or any services related to the websites.

14.  THE TRAFFIC WAVE MONEY MAKER SYSTEM (a.k.a., the “TWMMS Program”):  The Traffic Wave Money Maker System is a purchased adverstising and training service offered to those who subscribe to the online autoresponder service under the Company’s downline. For those who join service without joining the “advertising cooperative” (“Ad Co-op”) offered by the TWMMS Program, that relationship shall be considered established between the visitor and the third-party company,, and shall have no deemed relationship with this TWMMS Program sponsored by Lifestyle Publishing. For those who do subscribe to the TWMMS Program (i.e., by completing “Step 2” on the accompanying offer pages), the following terms shall apply (in addition to all other terms and conditions outlined herein):  (1) the participant shall receive a bonus gift or gift set (for purposes of Internet marketing and income training only) delivered, or referenced, by email once per month for at least 24 months; (2) the participant will also receive additional emails on an aperiodic basis at the sole discretion of the Company primarily for the purposes of relaying news, additional gifts, special offers or opportunities, status, etc.; (3) using funds received for the ad co-op, the Company shall invest for the purposes of advertising and marketing of the primary TWMMS Program offer page and related pages designed to increase traffic to and productivity of the primary offer page; such investments will be appropriated at the sole discretion of the Company in areas such as, but not limited to, paid online marketing, paid offline marketing, outsourcing for advertising and marketing services, preparation of advertising and marketing materials and media, and corporate fees; (4) each purchased “share” of the ad co-op shall offer one entry of the affiliate hyperlink (i.e., Uniform Resource Locator, a.k.a., URL) upon initial purchase, but such shares may split as described in detail on the Ad Co-op explanation page at when the ad co-op initiates a share split; (5) the participant’s URL(s) shall be entered in the URL Rotator (linking from the TWMMS Program offer page to the subscription sign-up page) which is designed to cycle through all URLs on a statistically equivalent basis for all URL’s contained therein; (6) there is no guarantee a specific visitor routed from the TWMMS Program offer page via the URL rotator to the site will sign-up at that time, or at all, and there is no guarantee any particular visitor will not already be a subscriber; (7) the TWMMS Program offer page and URL rotator are designed to offer to all ad co-op participants fair value of all paid advertising from the ad co-op AS WELL AS all free online and offline advertising and marketing that delivers traffic to the TWMMS Program offer page; (8) non-participants in the ad co-op (e.g., those who terminate their payment subscription for the ad co-op) shall be removed from the URL rotator which means they will not receive any benefit of paid or free traffic to the TWMMS Program offer page, but this does not prevent the non-participant from marketing their own affiliate link or referring their downline to the TWMMS Program offer page to participate in the Ad Co-op; (9) additions to and removals from the URL rotator will be made exclusively by the Company as expediently as possible after sign-up, cancellation, or termination, but there is no guarantee on how expediently the addition or removal shall occur; (10) ad co-op participants may cancel their subscription to the Members Only email subscription without canceling their participation in the Ad Co-op, but the only way they will receive the promised bonus gifts is via the Members Only email subscription, thus if the participant cancels this subscription he forfeits his right to all future announcements, bonuses, etc.; If the company chooses to not remove the canceled member's email, the member may continue to receive the emails and gifts, but this does not entitle the member to other benefits of the TWMMS membership; (11) cancellation of the participants subscription to the Members Only email subscription (performed by clicking the Unsubscribe link in any delivered email) does not constitute cancellation of the Ad Co-op subscription or the ensuing payments; participants wishing to cancel their paid subscription to the Ad Co-op must do so by logging into their account, locating the appropriate subscription, and canceling from within the PayPal site; (12) Cancellations will be effective immediately without refunds; (13) any participant who cancels his Ad Co-op subscription shall immediately forfeit all shares (including split shares) and if the participant re-subscribes to the ad co-op at a later time and date, he can NOT get back any split shares; the re-subscriber’s only option is to purchase new shares at the current value as of the date of re-subscribing; (14) the Company will ensure it has proper license to distribute all bonuses and gifts provided to the ad co-op participants, however, the ad co-op participants shall NOT have the rights to subsequently sell, give, or otherwise distribute the bonus products unless specifically stated in a delivered license document or within the product itself; (15) to allow the ad co-op revenue to grow for the benefit of all parties without dilution of previously-sold shares, the aforementioned ad co-op share splits shall occur approximately when 50% of all open shares (i.e., “open” as of the initial offering or subsequent splits) have been sold, but there is no guarantee splits will occur when exactly 50% have been sold; (16) the Company will not conduct any “reverse share splits”; (17) forfeited or relinquished shares (e.g., when a participant cancels his subscription or fails to make good payment) shall revert to the use of the Company; (18) any ad co-op participant may purchase additional shares by repeatedly proceeding through Step 2 of the Offer page; (19) subsequent purchases of shares may be used for the same affiliate URL or different URL’s in the case the participant re-enters the network; (20) although the ad co-op is currently limited to Traffic Wave ID's in the downline of the Company, the Company reserves the right to open up the ad co-op shares to other in the future; (21) the initial price per share paid by the subscriber per month shall remain fixed as long as the subscriber does not cancel his subscription for that share; (22) the Company reserves the right to change the price for new shares of the Ad Co-op without notice; (23) Ad co-op "shares" denote an entry in the Traffic Wave Money Maker System URL Rotator and are not a "security", do not convey an ownership interest in any way, and can not be sold or otherwise transferred by the buyer; (24) the Traffic Wave ID associated with any given share shall not be transferred under any circumstances except in the case of error or forfeiture (i.e., subscriber cancelling interest in the Ad co-op for that share) or by re-entry events as a coordinated event with the Company (additional details will be defined prior to a "coordinated re-entry event"; (25) although the Company intends to increase shares only via splits as outlined in item #4 above, the Company reserves the right to increase the total number of ad co-op shares, by split or not by split,  if and when deemed appropriate by the Company (e.g., if the Company conducts an ad campaign it believes will result in a very large number of new participants in the ad co-op); (26) has a strict no-spam policy and they will terminate your account if you violate their policy (do NOT purchase or rent email lists and import them into your Traffic Wave campaigns); if this happens to your account, the Company has no authority or liability to reinstate your position in the Traffic Wave network, however, if you purchase a new position account in Traffic Wave and provide proof to the Company indicating your original position for which you have Ad Co-op shares was terminated and replaced, the Company will change your URL for each share of the Ad Co-op associated with the old Traffic Wave account; (27) If your account is allowed to go to "Inactive" status, your affiliate URL will be removed from the TWMMS ad rotator since inactive affiliate links result in a failure for new recruits using the "Step 1" button/link. In such an event, it is your sole responsibility to cancel your ad share subscription via Paypal or Alertpay as appropriate. If you subsequently, reactivate your account, it is your responsibility to notify the TWMMS Ad Co-op administrator to reactivate your TWMMS Ad Co-op shares if your subscription is still intact.

15. RELATIONSHIP TO TRAFFICWAVE.NET:  The Company has no relationship with except as any other "Independent Affiliate" (as described in's Terms and Conditions). Nothing in the Company website(s) or Terms & Conditions shall be considered a claim or guarantee of income whatsoever; all references to potential income are based solely on's corporate description of the compensation plan. You understand and agree that nothing provided in the TWMMS program constitutes an incentive to join; Payments to are exclusively for the services offered by, and payments for the TWMMS Ad Co-op are exclusively for advertising and marketing and related services to drive traffic to the TWMMS Program web pages; bonus material (courses, ebooks, etc.) are all provided to Ad Co-op participants only and are therefore value-added material for the Ad Co-op program exclusively.

16.  AFFILIATE PRODUCTS: Any 3rd-party products, services, or advertisements discussed, presented, recommended, sold or otherwise delivered, or referred by/from this website may be guaranteed or backed by the original manufacturer, author, or distributor, and such products, services, and/or information is NOT guaranteed by the Company, officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives. Any claims presented on this website is either the personal experience of the aforementioned parties, claims from the original source/manufacturer/author, or reported via provided sales pages. You understand and accept that there is no guarantee or warranty provided by the Company, officers, directors, employees, agents or representatives regarding the performance, accuracy, consistency, or effects for your specific situation and/or experience.

 17.  GDI ACCELERATOR PROGRAM (The GAP):  The terms and conditions as described herein shall apply to the GDI Accelerator Program as well EXCEPT the GAP does not provide the monthly gifts described above.

18. TEAM LEAD CLUB (TLC):  The Team Lead Club (TLC) was created to help the company to build the downlines for the various programs for all participants and to provide a mechanism for the participants to build their own downline as well. It employs the concept of hosting banners (and possibly other forms of advertising in the future) for the purpose of "getting paid to advertise". The TLC, when properly implemented, provides an opportunity for the participants and the company to make a profit from their advertising efforts. However, the payment source for the concepts in the TLC are third-party companies; the Company does not have any control, ownership, or influence over the operation of the third-party company(ies). Thus, there is no way the company can guarantee, and the company does NOT guarantee (expressed or implied), the commissions for advertising will be or will continue to be paid. Fees paid for the TLC whether the Do It Yourself (DIY) or Done For You (DFY) option is selected are NOT refundable. The participant understands and agrees that all sources of income in these programs are from third-party companies (i.e.,, Global Domains International, The Online Ad Network, WomVegas, etc.), and are not paid by the Company. Thus, the Company is in no way liable for such payments, continuance of payments, or survival of the third-party companies.

19.  TOPAZ AUTOMATIC PROFITS SYSTEM (TAPS): TAPS is virtually identical to the TWMMS except the TAPS offers a marketing service to help TAPS members make referrals to the Topaz advertising program sponsored & operated by WomVegas. TAPS complies & operates under all the same conditions as TWMMS except a 60-day money-back guarantee is offered for "monthly" subscribers to the TAPS program; this is in compliance with the terms required by the Clickbank affiliate payment service provider. The 60-day guarantee does NOT apply to other TAPS subscription offers (if offered) such as quarterly, annual, or life subscriptions; these subscription options are NOT refundable. TAPS affiliates (i.e., those who choose to promote the TAPS program) will receive 34% commissions for all monthly memberships sold through Clickbank in compliance with all Clickbank policies & procedures; such commissions will be credited by Clickbank in the Affiliate's Clickbank account at the time of sale and on the day of subsequent charges (in the case of "subscription" products such as the TAPS membership). TAPS affiliates may promote the TAPS membership without joining Topaz or WomVegas in which case their compensation shall be solely the monthly commissions received via Clickbank. The company does not pay TAPS affiliates or members any compensation directly. All income to TAPS affiliates or members is provided by affiliate sales through Clickbank or via the income opportunities available via WomVegas (e.g., the "Topaz" program). There is no guarantee of sales, revenues, profits, or compensation under the TAPS program. 

20.  ADDITIONAL TERMS & CONDITIONS:  The company has created and made available to the participants several web pages (e.g., encoded &/or dedicated splash pages, home pages, and squeeze pages); the Company shall NOT be held liable for any modifications the participant(s) make to these pages & the Company shall NOT be held responsible to review or warrant these pages for accuracy. The only terms and conditions that apply to the Company are published herein for web pages created, published, and maintained by the Company. Additional terms and conditions apply to the aforementioned services and are published here:



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