How to Save BIG Money When You Buy, Sell, Drive, and Maintain Your New or Used Car Including Free Money-Saving Internet Links

Would you like to have a better car for less money?
How about an exciting sports car instead?  Even if you only need a sub-compact to go from point A to point B, THE CAR BOOK will save you money!

Buying and owning a car, van, or truck is one of the biggest expenses in your life.  Would you like to ensure you get the most you can for less money? 

We can show you how to save $9,200 on the car you are driving right now.  If you want a new car, we will show you how to get the best possible price (at least 15% below retail) within a hundred miles of your home without haggling.  In fact, you only need to talk to two dealers for 10 minutes each.  If you really want to save some money, use our simple 74-point, 15-minute inspection checklist, and buy a used car for half price!  Want to make your car last five years longer and avoid the most common major repairs?  We will show you how to do that too it only takes 15-minutes.  You can discover all these amazing, little-known secrets now in our newest title, THE CAR BOOK:  How to Save Big Money When You Buy, Sell, Drive, and Maintain Your New or Used Car   Including Free Money-Saving Internet Links.

Here are a few of the amazing secrets you will discover when you get your copy of THE CAR BOOK:



  • Determine the supply and demand to get a better price
  • Check out insurance costs before you buy
  • Determine the fuel economy ratings, recall history, and maintenance record
  • Determine what your car is really worth and discover how to set your asking price.
  • How to find the dealer’s actual cost before you buy


·         Save at least $3,000 when you buy a new car   with NO haggling!

·         How to buy any model of car, truck, or van for half price!

·         How to BUY your next used car for BELOW Kelly Blue Book value!

·         What to say on the phone when you call to inquire about a used car.

·         10 nasty little negotiation tricks car dealers use against you   and how you can turn them in your favor.

·         5 Negotiation tricks you can use against the dealer whether you are buying a new car or a used car.

·         How to negotiate for the best deal possible.

·         How to get the seller to drop the price on that used car before you even see it   and get them to cut the price at least one more time before you make your first offer.

·         How to get the seller to reduce the price when you get his answering machine.

·         Avoid paying for all those useless dealer add-on fees when you buy a new or used car

·         How to Find the Dealer’s True Cost and Use It to Get The Best Price   For FREE!

·         How to Pick Your Next Car For Lowest Insurance, Repair, and Operating Costs.


·         How to SELL your car for MORE than the Kelly Blue Book value!

·         What NOT to say on the phone when someone calls you about buying your used car.

·         What you should NEVER do when selling your car!

·         Invest $10 or less and sell your car for $500 to $1,000 more!

·         Discover the best (and worst) times to buy new and used cars or sell your car (including the best months and even the best hour)!  This one little secret can mean a $1,000 difference in the price you pay   or receive!


·         How to save $820 per year, every year, for as long as you own your car!

·         45 ways to improve your gas mileage without opening the hood   plus 2 more under the hood.

·         How to make your car last years longer with a simple 15-minute investment   and avoid most major repairs.


·         Absolutely do NOT buy any car with one of these 11 red flags!

·         How to tell in the first 5 minutes when you should NOT buy that used car.

·         4 ways you can tell if a car has ever been in an accident   even if it’s been repaired and repainted!

·         How to research a specific car’s history for free to check if the car has been salvaged, declared a lemon, or has outstanding recalls.

·         How to inspect a car and identify within 2 minutes if it’s a stolen car.

·         Easy 74-Point Inspection Guide and Checklist any driver can complete in 15 minutes!

·         How to conduct a test drive that saves you money.

·         3 times you should NEVER test drive a car

·         Discover what to look for   and listen for   when you test drive a new or used car   even rental cars!

·         2 tests you should run on every rental car you rent – If it fails either test, take it back immediately   or you may be stranded or injured!


·         How to save money on car financing and insurance.

·         Let the Government to help pay for your car and operating expenses.



To provide you a special preview of the tremendous money-saving benefits and secrets that puts the cash back in your pockets where it belongs, here is Chapter One of THE CAR BOOK for Free! 

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Copyright © 2003 by Dr. R. Bryan Stoker

            The Car Book will save you big money on every aspect of buying, selling, maintaining, and running your car or truck.  Even if you never buy another car, The Car Book  will save you $9,200 or more on the car, van, or truck you have right now!  However, if you ARE planning to buy a car, The Car Book will show you how to save at least 15% on any new car you desire without haggling   in fact, you only need to talk to two dealers for 10 minutes to get the best possible price within a hundred miles of your home;  or maybe you would prefer to buy every car you buy from now on for half price!  The Car Book will show you how to save money and avoid expensive surprises on each phase of car ownership in the order each phase normally occurs.  Using The Car Book you will save money when you buy it, inspect it, drive it, maintain it, and sell it!  We have even thrown in a bonus section on reducing financing costs and ways to deduct your vehicle to save money on your taxes.  If you want to save even more money on taxes, auto insurance, new car financing, used car financing, and literally thousands of dollars on hundreds of other aspects of your life besides cars, trucks, and other vehicles, then you have got to consult our flagship publication:  Money Secrets:  How to Make and Save a Fortune For People Who Want More Money!  You could literally buy 50 cars with what Money Secrets will save you in the first ten years alone!  However, The Car Book focuses solely on saving you big money when you buy, sell, operate, maintain, finance, and insure your car.  These tips, tricks, and techniques will save you thousands of dollars on every car you ever own   including the one you are driving right now!


            In The Car Book, you will begin by learning how to research the car or truck you want or need.  We will show you how you to determine if the model you are considering is trending up or down in value, how to determine the gas mileage rating, average lifecycle costs, insurance ratings, outstanding recalls, maintenance history, national sales performance and inventory, the dealer’s cost, and dealer’s local to your area for any model of car you are considering buying.  The Car Book even shows you how to check that used car before you buy it to see if it has been declared a lemon, salvaged, or has outstanding recalls on it. 


The Car Book will show you the best procedure for a buying a new car with no haggling.  You will get at least 15% off the sticker price, and you will only have to talk to two dealers for about 10 minutes each to get the best price in a hundred mile radius of your home.  We will reveal to you the best time of the month and the best times of the year to buy.  You will discover how to save 50% or more off every car you buy from now on if you follow our simple guidelines.  You will discover the nasty negotiating tricks new and used car dealers play when selling you a car, and you will discover how to turn these tricks around to your favor. 


Ever taken a test drive and thought, “Okay, I am in the car   now what?”  Not anymore!  The Car Book provides you with our 74-point, 15-minute Inspection Checklist that anyone can follow and then shows you everything you need to look for   AND Listen For   when you test drive any car.  But The Car Book does not just tell you, “Do this   Do that .. Look for this   and Look for that”.  No way!  The Car Book tells you WHY every point on our 15-minute inspection checklist is important; we tell you why you should follow each step of our test drive procedure. It is important when you negotiate prices to understand why any red flags you find are problems.  This alone can save you thousands in unexpected repairs and frustration. You should follow our test drive procedures even when you rent a rental car so you do not end up stranded on the highway.  Do you know the four ways you can tell if a car has been in an accident and been repaired?  We will reveal these little secrets to you in chapter five.


Discover where you should buy your new or used car, and discover who you should never buy from.  Once you own your new or used car, we will show you 47 ways to reduce your gas mileage and save hundreds of dollars per year in fuel costs.  The Car Book includes our 7-Step Repair Prevention Guide that shows you simple maintenance steps you absolutely must take to avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your car by years.  When you are ready to sell your car, The Car Book shows you how to prepare your car so you can get better than the Kelly Blue Book value for your car.  You will discover all the simple steps required to sell your car for top dollar.  Learn what to say   and what not to say   to potential buyers both on the phone and when they come to see your car. 


Two of the biggest costs you will incur in car ownership are financing and insurance.  So, to make The Car Book even more valuable to you, I have thrown in a bonus chapter with a handful of the tips in Money Secrets for cutting your financing and auto insurance costs.  And just for fun, we have thrown in some tips revealing how you can actually deduct the cost and operating costs of your car or truck to save money on your taxes.  Would you like Uncle Sam to help pay for your car?  If so, do not forget to read this bonus chapter.


            The overall procedure to slash your vehicle costs is summarized here and used through The Car Book:


  1. Do your research first (chapter two shows you how to do all the research you need for free)
  2. When you buy a car, buy a 2 to 3-year old used car to save 50-60% off new car prices!
  3. Buy used cars only from private parties to get more car for less money.
  4. If you do buy a used car from a dealer, only buy from well-known, reputable “New Car” dealerships (we will show you why in Chapter four).
  5. Never buy from small-time used-car dealerships.
  6. Use our 15-Minute, 74-point Inspection Guide for any used car you want to buy.
  7. Always check the history of your potential used car purchase and get it checked by a mechanic.
  8. When buying a new car, use our “No-Haggle, Best Price, Time-Saving Buying Procedure” to get at least 15% off the sticker price.
  9. Use our 7-Step Repair Prevention Guide to extend the life of your car and save thousands in costly repairs.
  10. Use our “Maximum-Efficiency, Minimum Cost” operating tips when using your vehicle.
  11. Keep your new cars for at least ten years and your used cars at least five years.
  12. Sell your car yourself to a private party to get better than the Kelly Blue Book value.
  13. If you decide to trade-in your car, negotiate the trade-in value before you negotiate your new car price.  Then do not trade it in; sell it yourself to a private party.


That, in a nutshell, is the best way to enjoy your car or truck for the lowest possible cost.  Follow the guidelines in this book and invest your savings, and your investments from these savings alone will let you retire five years earlier.  Of course, we have thrown in many other valuable tips along the way.  For example, in chapter six, you will discover what to look and listen for when you test drive a rental car so you do not end up stranded by yourself.  In chapter three, you will learn how to avoid paying for all those useless dealer add-on fees when buying a new car.  In chapter four, you will discover when you should use the Kelly Blue Book value and when you should the Edmunds’ Used Car Guide value instead. You will also discover how to find the dealer’s true cost, how to use this information to get the best price, how to recognize devious dealer negotiating techniques and turn them to your favor, a few negotiating tips of your own, and even how to lower your financing costs.


            By the way, The Car Book provides lots of fill-in-the-blank type forms you can use to help you choose, select, and maintain your car.  As an owner of The Car Book, you have the expressed written permission of the publisher to make as many printed copies of these fill-in-the-blank forms (including our 47-Point, 15-Minute Inspection Checklist) as you wish for your personal use. 


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 How to Research Your New or Used Car Before You Buy to Save Thousands Over the Life of Your Car
Chapter 3 How to Buy a New Car for 15% Less and Save Hours of Frustration By Talking to 2 Dealers for Only 10 Minutes   No Haggling Required!
Chapter 4 How to Save At Least $2,000 When You Buy Your Next Used Car
Chapter 5 Simple 15-Minute, 74-Point Inspection Guide That Saves You Money and Keeps the Seller Honest
Chapter 6 What to Look For   and Listen For   When You Test Drive a Car
Chapter 7 How to Run Your Car for Maximum Efficiency, Longer Life, and Minimum Cost
Chapter 8 7-Step Repair Prevention Guide Keeps You Safe, Extends the Life of Your Car, and Saves Thousands in Costly Repairs in Only 15 Minutes!
Chapter 9 How to Prepare Your Car and Sell It For More Than The Kelly Blue Book Value
Chapter 10 BONUS SECTION:  How to Cut Your Financing and Insurance Costs and Deduct Your Car or Truck On Your Taxes   Even if You Already Own Your Car!


You can get all this and more in The Car Book!  Get your own copy and start saving money now!  For only $39.95, you can save $820 this year alone with the car you’re driving right now with one small secret   and there’s hundreds more tips, tricks, and techniques in The Car Book that will save you thousands of dollars over the rest of your life. 

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