26 Places Where You Can Advertise Your Product or Service on the Internet at Zero Cost!

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Today's Internet is loaded with information, excitement, things to do, and opportunities; best of all, most of these are FREE! Whether you have your own business or simply a product or service to sell, you can even advertise in hundreds, even thousands, of places for free. This report lists 26 places, more or less, where you can post free classified ads on the Internet. We have even thrown in a few more places for other types of Free advertising as an added bonus. Just like real businesses, virtual ventures can dry up, and new ones come along. So, if a few of the locations below are no longer available, just try the next one.

(advertise business opportunities here)


BONUS #1 - Places You Can Post Your Website's URL & Links: (trade links with this website)


BONUS #2 - Post Your Banner Ads for Free:


BONUS #3 - Get a Free News Release:

Send your news release and domain name to:

Please send your news release in ASCII format(plain text).  No HTML or attachments.

You must have your own domain name to qualify (e.g.,

BONUS - Full Page Ads for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations ONLY

Your ad includes 2 Links, 2 Images of Your own choosing, and Free submission to 1000 search engines and Internet Classifieds.

BONUS - JACKPOT!!  How to Post Over 7000 Classified Ads, 150 Search Engines, and 100 Newspaper Ads for FREE!

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