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You are all set and ready to go!  The Traffic Wave Money Maker System (TWMMS) is already working to help you build your downline (and income). However, you can get faster results if you take action as well; that is what this page is all about.

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This page presents several things you can do to get faster results and make even more money. 

The techniques presented below have already been proven to work for me and my downline. Be sure to bookmark this page now ... and come back often, because I add things here from time to time. Each month, you will receive an email with the next month's downloads page. 

The TWMMS does a lot more than just help you build your downline and income in Trafficwave. It also includes other ways to make money including our $7 Miracle program, opportunities to get unlimited advertising, etc. as well as my "Advertising Resources Matrix" which my downline and I used to build my Trafficwave to over 1,000 downline members in just 10 months. 

I'll show you all that below, but first ... 

Would you like to get a FREE Done-For-You pre-built sales campaign every month ... So you can start using your Trafficwave autoresponder right away to make money?

Each sales campaign contains the following:

  • A pre-written email campaign ready for easy import into your Trafficwave autoresponder
  • A pre-built sales page and ads package, and ...
  • A squeeze page design you can use to quickly build for free using Trafficwave's "Hosted Capture Form" service. 

You don't have to select or deliver any products, build a website, write the email campaign, design any ads, or collect any payments. The only thing you have to do to make money with your Trafficwave autoresponder each month is promote your encoded link ... 

And if you want to build your own email list and increase your sales, just build your hosted squeeze page (it takes about 5 minutes); and I'll show you exactly how to do it. Payments for every sale you make will go directly into your Paypal account immediately.

If you would like to get the Free Pre-built Sales Campaign every month,
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Read through this entire page, and complete each step as you go. This page will answer about 95% of all questions most people have when they first get started. If you still have questions, you can check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here. 

The next stop if your questions are not answered is to contact your Team Leader or direct sponsor. If you still have questions, you can contact me at rbstoker@comcast.net; I will try to get back to you within 72 hours, but you will generally get the fastest results by checking the FAQ page. 

NOTE:  There is no separate "Member Site" for the Traffic Wave Money Maker System (TWMMS); this download page and the additional pages you will get each month are the only "members pages".

If you have any issues with your Trafficwave.net account, you will need to contact their support at Trafficwave.net. I do not have access to their system to fix any issues (e.g., log in problems, commissions, etc.)

There is only 1 thing on this page you Have  to do ... Activate your Trafficwave account (Step 1 below). Everything else on this page is optional ... you can do more if you want faster growth ... or you can simply activate your Trafficwave account and go on with your life letting the TWMMS build your downline (and income) for you. 


(1) The first thing you Must do is activate your Traffic Wave account so you can get paid! Click here to find out how.

(2) The next thing you should do if you haven't already is "white list" my email address, rbryanstoker@gmail.com, to ensure you get all your emails. Generally, you can do this by simply adding my email address to your email Address Book, but check your email service/tool's help function for details.

(3)  If you didn't do it as part of the Quick Start page, you should definitely watch the video by the Founder of Trafficwave and follow his recomendations.

Getting StartedMarketing ResourcesMore Ways To Make Money, Bonus Gifts, and How To Import


Click here to access my "Advertising Resources Matrix". This is where you can get your encodable links, pre-built ads, and recommended advertising resources & additional income streams.

Here is another special technique you can use to grow your Trafficwave income really fast.

Getting StartedMarketing ResourcesMore Ways To Make Money, Bonus Gifts, and How To Import


Want to make more money?  Click here for 3 great ways to start your free income stream!

Want Your Own Domainname & Website ... and Make More Money?

Your TWMMS membership includes encodable splash pages & home pages as discussed above. However, you might want to get your own domain name (e.g., my domain name is MoneyMakerSystems.org) and your own website. 

A really good option for this... if you want to make another stream of income ... is available here!

Getting StartedMarketing ResourcesMore Ways To Make Money, Bonus Gifts, and How To Import


Bonus Gifts (Set #1):  Click here for your first set of "Money-Saving" bonus gifts!

Bonus Gifts (Set #2):  No longer available.

Bonus Gifts (Set #3):  Click here for your Free Bonus Gifts Set #3!

Getting StartedMarketing ResourcesMore Ways To Make Money, Bonus Gifts, and How To Import


Import the TWMMS Sales Campaign

If you want to build your own email list of prospects, you can import my year-long TWMMS sales campaign and build your own squeeze pages hosted by Trafficwave. 


Getting StartedMarketing ResourcesMore Ways To Make Money, Bonus Gifts, and How To Import

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